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Hundred Island Hotel & Resort


This National Park covers a land area of 1,884 hectares with 123 islands. However, only 3 islands have been developed for tourists namely : Governor, Quezon and Children's Islands.From Lucap, one takes a boatride to any of these islands : Governor's Island,(20 mins.), Children's Island (25 mins.) or Quezon Island (30 mins.). Boats are privately-operated.Of the 3 islands, only the Governor's Island keeps a Guesthouse which is ideal for family use. It has 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, comfort room/bath and kitchen. Linens, water (1 drum), light, electric fans, dining and cooking utensils/ equipments are provided for.The bahay kubos and mini pavilion at Children's Island are for budget travelers as it consists only of screened bedrooms with electricity, fresh water and linens. Kerosene lighting is provided for after 12 midnight. Common areas are provided for dining and cooking as well as for toilet and bath.At Lucap Point (Mainland), the main building houses a conference room and accommodation facilities. A tower-type building near the Lucap Park houses an office at the ground floor which controls the flow of tourists to the said islands.

The Hundred Islands Resort Hotel (THIROH 2000) in Barangay Lucap, City of Alaminos, servicing visitors to the Hundred Island, a *DOT accredited hotel in the area.
Lodge in comfort in any of our 20 deluxe and standard rooms with TV and Aircon systems, and round-the-clock hot and cold water service.

Dine at Cafe Alaminos, our fine dining and social function venue.
Lambert's Bar, with the best in wines and live music.

Orchard Cafe for snacks,
breakfast and high teas.



Coco Grill for native ambiance.

Orchard Cafe for snacks,
breakfast and high teas.





Hot and cold shower
24 hours security service
Cable T.V.
Individual room airconditioning


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